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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> terror near times square. a bomb scare during the morning commute. what we're learning about the attack and the impact of security at a major travel destination. the stars hit the stage in washington. the reason some people had a late night this holiday season. good morning everyone. "news4 today" is working for you as we get you ready for this big chill. big. >> we have team coverage to help you get through the day ahead. justin finch is out live to help drivers prepare. first, though, let's get to the forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. yes, indeed. the cold air is only five or six hours away from reaching the d.c. metro area. southerly winds helped keep temperatures up overnight.
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30s and low 40s. that's not too cold. by noon, temperature near 50. that's when the northwest wind sets up shop. temperatures back into the 30s as early as 5:00 this evening. windchills back into the teens by early this evening. be ready for a big drop in temperatures. have your nbc washington app downloaded and ready to go with your custom tailored, storm team 4 forecast. you can follow me on social media and forecast for you on instagram. the cold weather is going to be here for a couple of days and snow chances as well. more about that part of the forecast coming up. for now, over to melissa. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look at what's going on around town. silver spring, chopper 4 over this columbia pike after new hampshire avenue. right side of the roadway is closed off here right now. this was a pedestrian accident this morning. police telling us that the right side should be locked for some time as they get that out of the way. one person being
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of there. >> 66, 95, overall looking typical. 270 southbound before 370. center of the road still blocked by that crash. aaron? let's continue our team coverage. justin finch joins us live. >> he's live at a gas station now with a look at how you can care for your car in in cold weather. we have to be prepared for all kinds of things, justin. >> reporter: that's right, eunment prepared for anything. a few moment ago, i spoke to several drivers fueling up at this wawa asking them if they have cold weather preps or plans. the answer almost always surprisingly was no. so here now are some tips for things to bring in your car with this cold weather now coming or way. first, your ice scraper here. ice can form very quickly. also, anti-freeze, to take the edge off of your engines th
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fluid in place, too. make sure the washer fluid you have in your car now does not have water in it so it does not freeze on your blades there. also a shovel. you never know when you may have to dig yourself out of snow or help out somebody else. we did find one man who had a good winter plan. take a listen to him now. >> with any weather, got to keep up with up keep. at least with the salt and the snow. worry about the undercarriage and things like that. >> reporter: even yeah, the salt is one thing to worry about too as we drive around here. eating up your car from the underneath part. also, too, want to point out that many people were getting their cars maintained year round, which also helps. as david put it, he was saying that it takes a lot more energy and effort for us to stay warm in cold weather. imagine what your car is going through.
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we're live here, justin finch. >> thank you for the good tips. >> if you want to find out more winter weather tips, head to the nbc washington app. you'll find the updated forecast information you'll need during this cold snap. it's 6:04. a wrong-way crash left one person dead and another critically injured in maryland. this is footage from chopper 4. maryland state police say the car and truck you see there collided head on around 9:30 last night. this is the outer loocht beltway in landover, not far from fedex field. police are trying to figure out why one of the cars was going in the wrong direction. follow-up dates in the nbc washington app. we now know that funeral arrangements for the deputy state fire marshal killed on i-270. sander cohen will be laid to rest thursday morning at a synagogue in rockville. you may remember he helped
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special agent carlos wolff. cohen was also a volunteer firefighter in rockville. this morning, for the second time in two months, new york city is recovering from a terror attack. the 22-year-old man from bangladesh is accused of detonating a suicide bomb. chris lawrence in the newsroom with new information on this developing story. chris? >> aaron, we're getting a better look at the device that exploded in the incidents. it's the first attempted suicide bombing on u.s. soil. listen to surveillance video. akayed ullah had a device strapped to his body which he debt nad nated a little after 7:00 in the morning. three people were injured, including ullah, himself p he's in the hospital in serious condition. >> the device is based on a pipe bomb. it was affixed to his person with a
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zip ties. >> it was a big explosion. the impact pushed everybody around. >> ullah is an ex triggs and investigators say he learned how to maybe the explosive device through online instruction. ullah told police he carried out the attack in the name of isis. investigators say there's no evidence he had direct contact with the terror group. his family released a statement saying they're heartbroken over the violence. eun? snimt chris lawrence, thank you. the maryland woman badly injured in the las vegas mass shooting will spend the holidays at home with her family. tina frost left an inpatient rehabilitation hop and will now spend time at home. she continues therapy as an outpatient. she was shot in the head in the shooting and lost her right eye. >>vo
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to the polls to pick their next senator. this is a race the entire country is watching closely. they've gone on national television arguing their case after avoiding 40 years -- >> it's type, folks, that we say no more! >> last night republican roy moore and doug jones both held last minute campaign events. moore was with steve bannon and jones was with charles barkley. roy moore has been accused of acting inappropriately and dating teenage girls. former president brac and former president joe biden reported robo calls for jones. >> this evening, jewish people around the u.s. and the world had light the first candle on the menorah. it will
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and fried foods. it celebrates the reked dedication of the concert. there will be a concert to light the national menorah on a list. students and police officers will give santa a big hand to help out some sick kids. >> mow le green live in the community. at the fairfax county police station in an al daily. they're collecting toys for a great cause. she's gathered good friends this morning too, molette. >> oh, my goodness. this is so much fun. we're backing up. today is pack up day. packing up all of these toys, bikes and cool little gifts for children in air a i can't hospitals. this is near a 30-year tradition. santa, the elf, the reindeer. people from spring hill elementary. we're going to talk to santa's biggest helper about this season of giving coming up next on
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"news4 today." stay with us. we're live in the community. merry christmas everyone. >> all hands on deck. thanks, molette. the man flu. we're going to talk about that too. is is it a myth or reality? the debate in almost every household settled. relying on strangers. fire devours a family home. the unexpected heroes to emerge after the flames wept out. i want want to know if a man did the man flu study. it's cold and breezy. but a wait until you see what happened. ait until yousee what happens
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well, well. a weather alert as we go through late today and especially early tomorrow. it's 47 degrees right now. feels like 37. look at today. if you'rexe
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half of the day will be the most comfortable. later on, we'll see the windchills down into the teens. pretty quickly. we'll take a look at the morning forecast coming up. good morning, melissa. still have this problem in silver spring. chopper 4 after new hampshire avenue. right side of the roadway blocked. a pedestrian was struck a short time ago. southbound 270. still very, very slow. center of the road. main lanes still blocked by that crash there. outer loop, have a car off the road. all right. melissa. thank you. it's 6:13 now. this morning celebrity chef mario batali is admitting to the sexual misconduct allegations against him. yesterday he announced he was stepping away from his restaurant empire and "the chew" after four women came forward. they accused him of inappropriate contact. much of the behavior described does in fact match with ways i have
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he overawe the final steak dinner of the obama administration. someone to record her inside a campus bathroom friday evening. the student tells police she saw a cell phone over the restroom stall. she yelled at the person to leave. anyone with information is asked to contact police. we are now learning more about the hours before the death of bethesda teenager. 17-year-old navid sepehri was found dead in the woods near the bannockburn school in bethesda sunday night. he attended a party on elgin lane on saturday night. police were called there to break up the party because of underage drinking. news 4's pat collins learned that spe perry's friends wanted him to call an uber home. but he refused. he left the party on his own. that was the last time his friends saw him. now a community is in mourning and other parents are concerned for their children's safety.
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know about it and think about their own families and children. >> sepehri was a senior at walt whitman high school. friends and classmates put flowers in the area where he was found to honor him. it's 6:15 right now. one of the biggest concerts of the holiday season brought people out to the capital one arena last night. >> camilla performing her hit song havana. she's one of the celebrities for the hot 99.5 iheart radio jingle ball. on the lineup, fallout boy, kesha and logic as well. every year concert gives back during the holiday season. the official charity was the ryan seacrest foundation which helps sick children. >> that's a good point to know. people want to know. one dollar from every
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foundation. every day we're closer and closer to santa packing up the bags, putting them on the sleigh and visiting kids all over the world. >> fairfax county police officers want to make sure sick kids also get a visit from the big guy on christmas. molette green live in the community at the fairfax police station in annandale. they're collecting toys for a really good cause, molette? >> reporter: a very good cause. i want to show you the scope of the toys. my kids love these guys. we have so many toys here and going to a good cause as you said aaron. children in the hospital. area hospitals will receive these donations this week. fairfax county police, been doing this for nearly 30 years. we've got the biggest helper for santa doing this project, leading the charge here. chuck rinehart. tell me how impressive this is. >> it's pretty impressive. t a
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not only to last through christmas and the new year, but also receive toys on christmas day as well as this week. >> the toys we give to hospitals actually last through about june. very fortunate that they last through june and they give them to kids during their birthdays and any time they go in for an operation, not feeling great about what's about to happen. >> the toys will be delivered santa's sleigh. they'll receive these today and then you'll take them to the hospitals tomorrow. >> about half of them to fairfax hospitals and the other half to georgetown on thursday. >> that's what it's all about. the giving spirit here in fairfax county in annandale. some of the helpers from the spring hill elementary school. the kids came out early. mrs. claus and santa is here. there he is. all of this to help children in need. children who are in the hospital and recovering. that's the latest live from an dan
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back to you inside. >> one of the best parts to see, see people come together. brings out the best in people. molette, thank you. see you in a bit. the weather does not bring out the best in some people. i'm just saying. >> you want to see angry people tomorrow? >> tonight. tonight. >> it's not angry like this -- the only thing you can do with your face when it's that cold. >> you know, i have no empathy for people who complain about it being cold in the winter. if it's cold on the fourth of july, all right. >> you have a good point. stop making so much sense, chuck bell. >> a little snow so you're ready and prepared. >> chances anyway for snowflakes. doesn't look like any accumulation yet. we're keeping a close eye on it. it is weather alert mode
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comes the camera. right over to there. how about that? we meant it that way. right now it's mostly cloudy sky overhead. 42 degrees the current temperature. winds are still out of the south this morning. that's the reason that it's not cold yet. those winds will be out of the northwest and gusting over 30 miles per hour at times later on in the afternoon. be ready for that. temperatures, upper 30s, low o 40s to get your day started. you'll look like this guy. he doesn't look happy at all. he's in the cold with the wind going. tie flying off in the air. windy weather today. temperature near 50 for a high today. that's at lunchtime. temperatures will fall quickly in the afternoon. by 5:00, temperature down to 41 in washington. 34 gaithersburg. 32 in martinsburg, west virginia. that's at 5:00. just dress warmly now or at least have that heavy winter coat. later on in the day, it will be cold quickly. by 6:00 in the evening, windchills back in the teens and
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that's nothing. by the time we get up tomorrow morning, windchills down near zero. it's going to be real cold tomorrow morning and stay cold pretty much throughout the rest of the day. use your storm team 4 weather app on the nbc washington app. stay ahead of your weather that way. find me on social media. your next couple of days, a little chance for snow. another chance for snow on friday. so far, the d.c. metro area won't get much there. needless to say, melissa, we're on it. >> we'll check in with her in a minute. a shooting on the platform. the manhunt and the impact on riders now. a reminder to tune in later today for ellen degeneres show. ellen airs at 3:00 followed by news 4 at 4:00. .tay with us
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i cannot thank everybody enough. >> the family says it has enough donations to fill two grarjs. the fire
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fireplace. such a wonderful to see people step up like that. i want to help. >> they're alone during this difficult time. so you know people like to make fun of guys when we get sick. about how we act. >> who does? how you act? >> yes. >> like babies? >> it's not an overreaction. >> it's not. >> it's not an overreaction. you're going to die when you have the sniffles. you can't move your arms. you can't get out of bed. >> it was too much on friday. it was overwhelming. the new report from the guardian. actually the guardian was reporting from a british medical journal that says men may experience more severe flu symptoms than women do. >> in their heads? >> that's with where it is sometimes. men's hormones can dampen the immune system and female
6:25 am
system. you're better programmed to handle illness than we are. >> there's scientific proof that says you can't handle it. >> that's the end of the world. >> every time you get a sniffle. i see. >> call my mother. that's the ohm tionly time i stl call her. i don't know what to take. all right. 6:25. >> i'm getting phone calls from my children. the boys, i know. lord. >> 6:25 right now. bullied at school. compassion for a boy brought to tears. this morning, we have his first reaction to the outpouring of support. >> reporter: a shooting on a metro platform. but metro has an eye in the sky trying to track the suspects. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you about other police efforts to make sure you're safe when riding. it is cold and breezy this morning. but we're watching that arctic air make its way. also a snow chance into the next couple of days. i'll show you how cold
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6:28 right now. 42 warm degrees. >> warm? >> that's right. the cold is
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you have no idea, boy. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. this is the kind of cold, i don't know how to bundle up to protect myself from the windchill. >> around your head. >> by the end of the day, the bone chilling cold. >> sheena parveen begins our weather alert coverage. a preview of things to come. sheena. >> remember that sdmeen christmas story where the little boy has the scarf around his face, can't put his arms down. that's probably what a lot of you want o do with your kids tomorrow morning. keep in mind, they might not be able to get back up if they fall down. tomorrow morning in the teens in some areas. feeling like single digits. it's not as cold right now. it still feels like the 30s. 37 degrees in washington. 33 in leesburg. here's what it looks like today. we'll be topping out early afternoon. closer to the mid to upper 40s. then look at this. overnight, we drop off quickly. here's what's going topp
6:30 am
we go into tomorrow morning. our actual temperatures will be around 20 degrees. areas, look at the windchills, feeling like single digits in the morning. so yes, you do want to cover all that exposed skin especially if you're standing outside for a while. that's why we have a weather alert. this is the coldest air so far. we're watching snow chances in the forecast the we'll look at that coming up. let's look at the roads on this chilly tuesday morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. southbound columbia pike after new hampshire avenue. chopper 4 still over this. pans over to the right, you can see it's a two-mile backup headed southbound on 29 in silver spring. this is a pedestrian crash. somebody was transported from the scene a couple of minutes ago. southbound 270 into gaithersburg. still slow from the earlier crash on the beltway. inner loop near allentown road. we have a crash and outer loop before the mixing bowl. springfield, left lane blocked by a disabled vehicle
6:31 am
hearing about a new problem on 66. we'll talk about that in a minute. eun? >> melissa, thank you. as the temperatures start to drastically drop, it could make for some slick roads if a wintry mix also -- that's a bad combination. v dot crews preparing the roads. make your drive to work safer. reduce more speed and use your headlights. >> today the eyes of the nation will be on alabama as voters choose their next senator. last night, republican roy moore and democrat doug jones held last minute campaign events. moore has been accused of acting incompetent appropriately with teenage girls. he denies all the allegations. the polls in alabama open at 7:00 a.m. we're staying on top of the wildfires burning across southern california. these games are lighting up the skies across ventura county. it's now the fifth largest wildfire in that state's history. thomas fire has engulfed more than 230,0
6:32 am
it's only 20% contained. officials there say it could take weeks or possibly months to fully extinguish the fire. it's a terrible situation there. >> all the way around. boy. 6:32 our time now. loudoun county investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire in lovettsville. >> one person inside the home died. that person called for help using a life alert device. firefighters were unable to pull the person out of the home in time. they say the fire had engulfed the home and several floors and the roof collapsed as well making conditions very dangerous. the name of the person who died has not been released. we're working for you to tell you to check your smoke detectors. as they went around installing new smoke detectors for free. a new maryland law takes effect january 1st. itqu
6:33 am
have a built-in battery that lasts ten years. you can get more information on the change in the nbc washington app. >> d.c. police are looking for a ride share driver who attempted to sexually assault a passenger. this happened not far from the capitol on sunday morning. customers are shaken to hear about this. >> very disturbed by that. i have used and -- always a good experience. makes all of us think about personal safety and what steps we could take to protect ourselves. a police report says the woman was able to escape from that car and the driver took off. police have not confirmed what ride share service this was. developing this morning, metro transit police are looking for the two men you see right here on your screen. they say they're connected to a shooting that happened at the minnesota avenue metro station last night. one man was shot in the arm on the station's platform. but is expected
6:34 am
police say there was an argument and then shots were fired sometime after 8:00 p.m. if you know about anything what happened, contact metro transit police. after that shooting, some metro riders are concerned about their safety. >> for more on that part of the story, news 4's adam tuss is at the minnesota avenue metro station with more. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. something that everybody should know about the metro system is we are one of the most wired transit systems in the entire world when it comes to security monitoring. all touf do is come out to any platform and you'll see there are cameras pretty much everywhere. you showed the picture of the suspect. that's why transit police are able to get out information so quickly about the suspects. overall, really, transit police have been trying to step up efforts throughout the metro system when it comes to making things safer. they have done a number of tactics over the couple of years to make sure that people are safe on the system.
6:35 am
shouldn't have to worry about riding the system. some of the tactics that police have been trying to use over the past year or so, higher visibility police uniforms. they literally will have bright yellow vests they're wearing at station platforms. you'll have people out monitoring the system to make sure that things are okay. you'll see a crackdown on fare evasions on the system which can then lead to larger arrests. people stopped with guns and things like that. we talked about security monitoring that metro has out here on stations and platforms. one thing you should also know about the minnesota avenue station specifically, this was the highest crime metro station in all of 2016. so minnesota avenue specifically is a station that has kind of a notorious reputation. transit police certainly aware of what goes on here and are stepping up efforts. back to you. adam tuss, live for us at the minnesota avenue station. adamha
6:36 am
battling bullies. a social media video grabbed the attention of the country. new developments this morning since that post went viral. morning commute chaos. a terror attack in the heart of new york city. the new developments in the investigation and changes you can expect the next time you
6:37 am
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what is the joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? it's not okay. >> you may have seen this viral video on social media over the weekend. that is keaton jones, visibly upset describing to his mother how kids at his knoxville, tennessee, middle school tease and bully him. he said students call him ugly and tell him he has no friends. now he has a lot of friends after his mother posted the video. a
6:40 am
tennessee titans, delanie walker. singer kelsey balance rinne i and retired race car driver dale earnhardt jr. that's the beginning of a long list of singers and celebrities who invited him to movie premieres and concerts. he is surprised as much as anyone else about how much tention this video is getting. >> he's happy to be the voice for other children too afraid to speak out. >> makes me feel good that making a difference all around the world. gives them a voice they might not have to speak out about it and explain how it's not right. >> keaton's story took a strange twist when a picture of his mother standing next to a man holding a confederate flag surfaced. didn't diminish the support for him, though. his story inspired a viral campaign called stand with keaton. since it's been pod,
6:41 am
times, shared over and over on youtube and facebook and twitter. people want to get out the message that it's not okay. >> you have to do something about it. don't be a bystander. 6:41 your time now. it's a weather alert day. we're getting you prepared for the cold about to move in. brace for impact everybody. winter making a big rush back into the area. increasing winds and falling temperatures later on in the day. today's high near 50 at lunchtime. below freezing at 6:00 tonight. melissa. >> taking a look from chopper 4, big problem in silver spring. big backup. we'll tell you how long it will be to get around it and a new problem in prince george's county coming up. molette is getting into the spirit in annandale. >> that's right. katie here is a ten-year cancer survivor. she's back to help pack the sleigh for santa to give toys to children in area hospitals.
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storm team 4 weather alert. we're working for you to help you plan ahead. the next chance for wintry weather and the timing of a
6:45 am
>> all eyes on alabama. a senate seat up for grabs. what's at stake this election day could impact us all here in washington. terror near times square. a bomb square during the morning commute. what we're learning about the attack and the impact of security at a major travel destination. survival story. beating the odds after the vegas attack. a local woman makes an encouraging move just in time for the holidays. now to decision 2017. voters in alabama will head to the polls to choose their next senator today. normally this election would be a slam dupg for the gop. but there's been controversy over roy moore. >> he's accused of dating teenage girls. an accusation he denies. they held their last
6:46 am
rallies last night. with more on their message, gabe gutierrez is live in mountain brook. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hi aaron and eun. we're outside birmingham, the polls set to open in just over an hour. as you mentioned, this race is extremely tight in alabama. the closest senate race in the state in a generation. the polls right now are all over the map. one poll, fox news poll, has roy moore trailing by ten points. another poll has him up by nine points. the big question right now, what will be the turnout? both sides trying to mobilize last-minute voters for doug jones. he's focusing on african-american voters as well as moderate republicans who may be disgusted with the allegations against roy moore. moore himself, he has been targeting evangelical voters. he held his first campaign stop alongside chief strategist steve bannon. once again they
6:47 am
republicans. but this race could hold major implications for the republican senate majority and is being seen as a referendum on president trump and his policies. election officials in balance balan alabama to be 25%. >> gabe, thank you. be sure to look for his full report on the "today" show next. we're following a developing story this morning for the second time in two mornts. new york is recovering from a terror attack. >> a 22-year-old man from bangladesh is accused of trying to detonate a suicide bomb in the subway. katherine creag is live in manhattan now with more on the increased security commuters will see today. katherine, what are you seeing? >> reporter: we are live underground eun and aaron. we're between the port authority transit station and times square. it's busy.
6:48 am
morning, noon and night. this is the exact same corridor, the passageway that the suspect was in with the device. it is back open now. let's recap what happened yesterday. about 7:20 in the morning, police say the suspect, akayed ullah had a pipe bomb on his body. it went off early injuring only him. he had been walking in the underground passageway between the port authority and times square. he remains hospitalized because of cuts to his hands and stomach because of what happened. security is even more intense than ever before all across the city and this time of year also. millions of tourists flock to new york because of the holidays and also this corridor, this particular passageway. we've been walking back and forth this hallway, there's no damage to the ceiling or the walls. one person told us it seems as if nothing happened here. but a lot of the other commuters, eun and aaron, are telling us they admit they feel a little nervous. it is jain
6:49 am
they want to go on with their lives and not let what happened yesterday to stop them. back to you. >> katherine creag from wnbc live in manhattan. katheri katherine, thank you. the maryland woman badly hurt in the las vegas mass shooting will spend the holidays at home with her family. she left a rehab hospital. she will now spend time at home in crofton as she continues therapy as an outpatient. frost was shot in head during the mass shooting in las vegas. she lost her right eye. we continue our team coverage this morning as we monitor the temperatures outside. we're working to keep you safe on the roads. justin finch has a way to win rise your car. >> aaron, important, indeed. for most of us it takes
6:50 am
it's very taxing this time of year. so you want to make sure your car is ready. this morning, here at wawa. we have been asking drivers if they have a cold weather plan for their car and we got responses like this. i needed this. >> as you were hearing there, a lot of noes unfortunately. because this weather is coming. make sure your battery is working. also your windshield wipers. are your blades dull? change them and make sure the fluid in your washer area does not have water in it. also check your tires for wear and tear. you want that grip on the slick surfaces and test out the lights and signals and make sure they're all working properly. this time of year, people say i don't get my car checked just for cold weather. i do
6:51 am
that's going to be a good thing. chances are doing that, you are clear of moats of the items on this list. we're live, justin finch. back to you in the studio. >> 6:51 right now. want to check the morning mute. >> melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. what are you seeing out there? >> still a problem in silver spring. chopper 4 has been over this for quite some time. southbound 29 after new hampshire avenue. now a three-mile backup because of a crash involving a pedestrian. it's gone. the delays as you can see still hanging around. these delays hanging around as well. into the gaithersburg, rockville area, an earlier crash near 370. that's gone. still have the delays as well. northbound 4 before do you remember house, a crash reported there. inner loop at allentown road. outer loop before the mixing bowl. left lane blocked by a
6:52 am
vehicle. >> going to be woodbridge this morning. speaking of your travel times, 270 south, you can see the delays top of the beltway. outer loop a little slow as well. 66 inbounds. 95 northbound. looking typical. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm. you have to listen to miss parveen. >> good morning, melissa. a weather alert. listen up. tomorrow you do not want to leave the house not knowing what's going on. we have bitter cold on the way. some of that is going to set in later on tonight. single digit windchills and we're watching our snow chances into wednesday night. a little clipper system moving into the forecast. it's 42 degrees outside. feels like 37 in the district. rest of the area feeling like the mid to low 30s this morning. 31 dulles. 35 clinton. feels like 36 in quantico. your planner for today. we'll be near 50 degrees in some areas into the early afternoon hours.
6:53 am
temperatures start to drop off shortly after the sunset. that cold air starts to work. it gets blustery. we could feel like the teens by 7:00 p.m. here's the future feels-like temperature. the wind really making a big difference. 6:00 p.m. feeling like the teens in many locations. tomorrow morning, single digit windchills is going to be very cold and blustery. tomorrow afternoon we're still looking at those feels-like temperatures well below the freezing mark. going to stay cold all day. now we're looking at the chance of snow. i mentioned the clipper late wednesday night potentially. we'll have to watch the timing closely. these things tend to move fast. the timing could be changing. more updates later on today and tomorrow morning. 9:00 p.m. wednesday. best chance north of the district. maybe an inch close to the pennsylvania border. we'll be watching that as well going through the next 24 hours. for a better look at the timing. friday, the next chance of snow there too. small chance over the weekend. we stay dry and temperatures each out more as we go into next
6:54 am
thank you, sheena. it's 6:53 today. students and police officers are going to give santa a much-needed hand to help out sick children. molette green is live in the community right now at the fairfax police station in annandale where they're collecting toys for a great cause this morning. hey, molette. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] . let's talk to katie chapman. she's a ten-plus year cancer survivor. there's a wonderful story you want to share about receiving a stuffed animal, right? >> so i was in the hospital. they asked me, what do you want for christmas? don't get me a large stuffed animal. i have a lot -- christmas day i get this
6:55 am
>> it made you feel what? >> so happy. it was like, stuffed animal. >> that is so special. >> tara gearhart is with fairfax county police. you've delivered these toys to the children at these hospitals and you see the impact. >> it's an amazing day for us. we're happy to be able to bring joy and laughter and smiles to their faces. even bring families together when they're sharing that special moment in their room. >> these toys will be delivered over the next two days. santa is getting ready. they're going to two area hospitals. fairfax hospital and the lombardi cancer center in georgeto georgetown. we're outside where santa is ready to get prepared to load up all of these toys and all of his helpers, including young people who came out. >> merry christmas everyone! >> all right. thanks to santa and mrs. claus and all of the
6:56 am
elementary students who came out to help pack up these toys. on santa's sleigh, right? we're live in the community in annandale. back to you guys ini side. who knew harley made sleighs. >> see? so molette thank you. 6:56. four things to know this morning. polls are about to open in alabama. voters will choose their next senator. this race has seen a lot of controversy accusing roy moore of acting inappropriately with teenage girls. more on this on the "today" s w show. these two men are connected to a shooting that happened monday night at the minnesota avenue metro station. one man was shot in the arm on the station's platform but is expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to contact police. check the nbc washington app for the latest on the investigation. president trump is using an attempted suicide bombing in new york to push for his travel ban. yesterday a man attempted to
6:57 am
subway system there. more on which visas the president wants to limit coming up next on the "today" show. road crews are working to make sure your drive to work is safe today. the temperatures dip. vdot is preparing the roads ahead of time. follow-up dates in the nbc washington app. you guys say we'll get to 50-ish today and then -- >> that's it. >> the sun goes down. >> at least we have fair warning. >> it's going to be very cold, yes. >> thanks for waking up with us this morning. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes. here's santa and
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. decision day. alabama voters cast their ballots today in that closely-watched senate race. at a last-minute rally the wife of candidate roy moore, defends her husband against claims he is anti-semitic. >> one of our attorneys is a jew. >> the candidate himself, accused of molesting teenage girls, gives one of his few interviews to this 12-year-old. >> what are the most important issues for voters in alabama? >> this morning, the race that is still too close to call. terror in times square. new information on the terrorists in that subway attack. how he was inspired by isis. and how he chose to set off his device


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